The Dark side Blades – Typical Example of a Folding Blade

Knives comprise of either fixed or folding edges. When shopping for a knife, you have to choose between the two options. Fixed blades serve for the heavy cutting workload. Their cleaning process is straightforward and can be accessed easily with a sheath. Folding blades like the dark side blades have safe folders. They open up whenever needed, and rarely opens inside your pack nor close while held. The cleaning process may not be an easy task. They require the utmost level of carefulness in maintaining the folding function cleanly. dark side blades are mobile and can be carried around much easier.

While you may decide to choose on either a folder or fixed blade, you are also expected to pick on the most appropriate blade design and material that best fits your needs. Knives with fixed blades should never surprise you in use. A fixed blade merely is a substantial part of steel. In simple words, a fixed blade knife is a single solid metal piece comprising of either tang or full tang design at the handle end. Tang structure features a taper that hides into the wooden handle.

The full tang structure consists of a solid piece of metal. Handle slabs are hooked on the two sides of this metal frame. Full tang knives usually are firm, though with considerable weight. They have a handle attached to them. Going for a fixed blade would be the right decision if you need a blade that you can entrust with tough jobs.