Cane Swords Are A Unique Way To Be Prepared

I use a cane to help me get around and there are some cool canes that I have been finding over the years. There are some great choices out there when it comes to canes and some that even double as a sword. A sword cane is a really cool piece to have and I love to have this kind of a cane as an interesting part of my cane collection.

I got a cane sword recently that is a duck sword and it has a duck head as the handle and it has a nice rubber foot on it. The cane is sturdy and I can keep it at home as part of my collection and I can even go out and use it when I want to take a walk. I like that this cane sword helps me to be prepared for the unexpected.

The cane sword features a duck head that separates and reveals a sword. The cane length is just right for me and no one would ever expect there to be a sword hidden in the cane. I love cane swords like this one and it is definitely an eye-catching part of my cane collection. This sword is a great way for me to enjoy having some solid personal protection.