Balisong knives for sale online

Balisong knives come in different categories. These categories are in the form of different prices. These knives are beneficial because you can carry them easily around. Balisong knives come with varying styles of blade. We have the tanto blade. The designer of this kind of blade did emphasise the tip strength. This blade is extra strong and thick.

This blade was designed initially for piercing armour. The thickness helps during piercing, for it absorbs the impact. It does not have a wide cutting area, and that’s the one disadvantage of this blade. We have another type of blade called the drop-point. This type of a blade easily sheaths, and it has a firm tip, and its belly allows one to slice easily. Then we have the clip-point blade. This blade is almost similar to the drop-point, and the difference is that it has a curve which is concave.

Another type of blade that we have out there is the sheep’s foot. This blade derived its name from its shape. The tip of this blade is not pointed, it has a curved spine, and it has no belly. Balisong knives for sale online are used mainly for slicing. In some countries, Balisong knives have government restrictions, but nowadays many states are allowing them.