Always Have Been Intrigued By Reenactment Swords

I have gotten to know all kinds of different people throughout my life with all kinds of different interests. I met so many interesting people in high school and in college and I was always intrigued by the different hobbies that they had. There were many cool student clubs at Iowa State University, where I went to school for four years.

It was cool to be on campus and to see the other students do everything from walking on tight rope to doing some reenactment play in their free time. We had lots of big grassy fields and we would enjoy being out on the fields while participating in the student clubs. I always saw the reenactment club out there on the field while I was going to class.

It was fun to watch the students do some reenactments and to practice with their cool reenactment swords. I remember there being a similar club when I was in high school and I saw students with some really cool props as well. The swords that the students used on campus were detailed and beautiful and I am eager to learn more about them and how they are used when doing some reenactment. I am excited to learn more about this art in the future.