Why you should have a fluted steel buckler

The term buckler is derived from a French word ‘Bouclier’ meaning shield. When going out for war, a shield is important for self-defense in case the enemy attacks and to reinforce the other armaments you have. A shield is held by a handle at an arms length. A shield should be strong and not easily breakable so that it can serve its purpose.

A fluted steel buckler is manufactured from 14 gauge steel. The steel handle is covered with wood for a good grip in the fist. It is small in size, designed to be light and making it mobile and maneuverable allowing a warrior to retain a good portion of their mobility and agility, even when deflecting blows with a shield. From all these qualities you can definitely see that it’s the best shield for self-defense.

A shield is important not only to the warriors but everyone because you can also get attacked by thieves or your enemies. So, you can also get yours for your own safety, family’s or even friend’s safety. You can get a fluted steel buckler at a fair price from our online stores.